Slave Application

Here you can apply as slave. Your passions accordingly you can face various challenges. A multiple selection is possible.
The sessions take place in Berlin and Tenerife. Let us know which of those two places you want to choose for your session.
First take a look at the different challenges in the gallery, then read the four FAQ questions below and then apply using our new application form.

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Whipping Challenge
You will be tied up and mercilessly whipped. Bullwhip or single tail, you will be in pain like never before and endure it for us.
Shoeworship Challenge
Your tongue will be used to clean up our shoes. Here you have to prove if you can clean our dirty and muddy shoes perfectly.
Face Slapping Challenge
Very hard slaps in the face. Here you have to prove if you can endure whole face slapping series. Even if several girls hit your face.
Humiliation Challenge
Spitting in your face, your mouth used as ashtray. Extreme humiliation training where you have to swallow and lick a lot of disgusting things.
Footworship Challenge
Dirty soles, black of dirt. With this challenge you have to prove if you can lick and clean our dirty feet perfectly.
Trampling Challenge
Hard trampling with high heels and spike boots. If you are a real trampling slave, you will be able to endure everything under our spike heels.
Facesitting Challenge
In the facesitting challenge, a sadistic girl will be sitting on your face while playing video games. Full weight facesitting for 1-2 hours.
Ballbusting Challenge
Full power kicks in your balls. Only those who can take very hard ballbusting should apply for this challenge. Be ready for extreme ballbusting.
Ponyplay Challenge
On all fours or shoulder riding. As a pony slave you will endure a lot and carry your mistress. Breakdown is prohibited.

What are the requirements ?

If you are coming to Berlin or to Tenerife, you should have a place to stay. Probably you will book an apartement. (BnB).
For the first session with you, we ask to hold the session in your apartment. Because we need some space for a session, please don`t book a hotel. A hotel room is too small for a session.
In the application form you should put in the link of the apartment, that you want to rent, so that we can see if the apartment is good for filming a session.
Don`t book the apartment immediately, book it when we say it, because we have first review the apartment.
After we have reviewed the apartement and checked the date that you choosed, we will answer you if we gonna hold the session with you.

Does it cost anything?

You don`t have to pay anything.
The only that we ask you for, is to make an apartment available for the first session. An apartment that you need anyways when you are coming to Berlin or Tenerife and staying overnight.
The reason why the first session should be at your apartment is simple. Many slaves were in the past very unreliable, so we can`t take the risk anymore to book locations and than to find out that the slave application was just a fake.
Only the passions and fetishes that we mention in our challenges are possible. You can choose one challenge or multiple challenges.

Can I wear a mask ?

You can wear a mask if you have to.
Since videos with masked slaves are not so popular like videos with unmasked slaves, we have to charge a compensation fee for wearing a mask. (80€)
If you don't need a mask, you don't have to pay a compensation fee.

Where should I come ?

We are in Berlin and Tenerife.
Many of us speak perfectly English.
The Sadistic Girls are meanwhile very international. Let us know if you want to come to Berlin or to Tenerife.

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