The Reality Series

Welcome to the first Reality Femdom Channel on Internet. Sadistic TV is an own channel on our website with four different reality series:
Street Casting – Like the name says you can watch how we ask various girls on the street for sessions. We offer a "slave challenge" at which the girls can win money.
The Penthouse – We rented out a penthouse for the girls. In this penthouse the girls can hold parties or just hang out together. Always when the girls are coming to chill out together, we inivite various and unknown slaves. The girls never met the slaves before, nobody knows what they gonna do with the slaves. A kind of "Femdom Big Brother". Nobody knows whats gonna happen. 100 % unscripted.
Project Slave Visit – We receive a lot of applications from slaves who want to meet the Sadistic Girls in real. So we had the idea to visit our fans at home or at their hotel. And of course to punish and humiliate them, and everything will be filmed. Also this slaves we never met before. Real applications from real slaves who invite us to their place.
Sadistic Club Party – Yes, now we have our own party club. Also here we invite various slaves that we never met before. The girls are partying, drinking, dancing and having fun. And the whole party they punish and humiliate the unknown slaves how they want.
Nobody knows what this wild & mean party girls will do to the slaves. Nobody knows whats gonna happen. Also 100% unscripted.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Slave Visit - Jumping Madness - Episodes 1-4

We get an application from a trampling slave. A student from England who lives in Berlin. He wrote us that he wants to be trampled so hard and brutal as possible. Lara was the first who read his email, and she said immediately: I want to do this. Let me trample and crush this guy.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Sadistic Club Party - Episodes 1 - 3

It`s Party Time ! We had so many applications from slaves from all over the world who wanted to take part at our first party club season. The three slaves which we invited are very nervous, but now there is no way back.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The Penthouse - Episodes 4 - 6

The biggest problem is that you never know if the unknown slaves really show up. We had luck, all three slaves came and they get humiliated like never before. Naked and ashmed they have to endure this CFNM humiliation games. They sit together on every naked slave to find out who is the best seat. Fullweight they sit on their face, chest and belly. Than it`s get really nasty.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Street Casting - Catalina - Episodes 4 - 6

Catalina from Argentina was the 9th girl that we asked on street on that day. After she agreed to let lick her feet for 50 Euro, we offered her now a big win: 500 Euro. She wins the money if she manages to get the slave to give up. We explained her that she three chances / ways to make him give up: face Slapping, caning and whipping.

Monday, 23 July 2018

The Penthouse - Episodes 1 - 3

We were so excited. Today Luna, Lara and Carina are coming to hang out in our penthouse. Also we invited three unknown slaves who applied over our website. All three slaves wrote that they are mostly into humiliation. We absolutely don`t know what`s gonna happen. The three girls have the idea to play games to find out who is the most pathetic loser.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Street Casting - Catalina - Episodes 1 - 3

Lets get started ! It´s a sunny day and we are looking for girls. We explain the girls that we are filming for the webiste and that we will pay 50 Euro if they allow to lick their feet. First we were unlucky, eight girls already declined and than we met Catalina from Argentina.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018









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