What we now present is an absolut sensation....a real Candian Beauty Queen !!! But that`s not all.....Vanessa is not only one of the most beautiful girls in Ontario....she is also one of the most sadistic and evil girls we ever met ! And that is serious statement. We never expected that such a young and beautiful girl can be so evil...and that she enjoys so much to dominate a man. Ok, she is natural born dominant....but we never expected such a hard evening. Vanessa visites us for a few days...and it`s unbelievable what she does to the slave. First he has to lick her very dirty heels...his tongue gets black from the dirty soles and Vanessa dominates him nonstop and let him all the dirt...also she loves to spit right in his face ! Vanessa catches him how he tries to eat some of her garbage...she gets mad and askes him what he is doing...he explains that he is hungry and that it is just old garbage...Vanessa can`t believe it and explains him that he is nothing and not worth to eat her garbage...and full of agressions she starts to slap his face nonstop ! He gets beaten because he ate her garbage....fullpower she slaps his face...harder and harder....this girl is crazy. The slave has to surive a hard beating by this beautiful and sadistic Goddess. Also she loves to ride him...she rides him until he brakes down and Vanessa whips him hard until he gets up to go on let him suffer under her weight. But not enough...the beating goes on...always she spits in his face, dominates him and during a barbecue she gets very dirty feet...and the beaten slave has to lick and clean her very filthy feet ! Vanessa enjoys it...she loves to slap his face and to tell him how pathetic and worthless he of the most evil girls ever...!

Category: Foot Worship, Domination, Face Slapping, Spitting, Shoe Worship

Duration: 48 min
File Size: 710 MB
Price: 19€


Chelsea is a gorgeous woman...beautiful, smart and classy. Few weeks ago we put her in contact with this guy from Toronto who wrote us a lot of emails that he wants to be personal slave of one of our sadistic girls. And now Chelsea is his mistress and she shows everybody now what a pathetic loser he is. Chelsea has also a new boyfriend...a hot guy...full of muscles and tattoos...a real man....she is absolutely crazy for him. At this evening her boyfriend picks her up for a long night...but her slave is still not finish with cleaning her shoes. Chelsea invites her boyfriend to sit down beside her and to let him watch how this pathetic loser is licking her shoes clean. Together they laugh at him ...wild they kiss while the slave has to lick her dirty shoes. They make fun of him and call him a stupid loser....Chelsea`s boyfriend can`t believe it how pathetic he is and Chelsea loves it to dominate this idiot in front of her boyfriend. But not enough...he has to bring her boyfriend a beer on his knees...and before they leave he also to give him money....they rip him of as well and laugh at him. What a loser ! Chelsea and her boyfriend are laughing loud...they take his money and give the last seconds to lick all the dirt from Chelseas shoes. And that is just the begining of an evil day......the hardest day of his life. In front of her boyfriend Chelsea dominates him the whole day....from dancing all night long her feet are sweaty and dirty....he has to lick her feet clean and again they punish him...they kiss and love each other while he has to clean her diry feet. They go to bed to have sex and cage him in the closet beside their bed....he has to hear how his mistress has sex with her boyriend the whole night and at the next morning it goes on....he has to do all the housework for lazy Chelsea and her lick her feet and to give more and more money to her and her boyfriend for shopping. They are telling him nonstop what a stupid loser he is...laugh at him and the couple is enjoying it. But not enough...he has to lick Chelsea`s sweaty socks while they watch TV and she presses the socks in his mouth, he has to serve with his face as living seat for Chelsea. She sits fullweight on his face and kisses her boyfriend ! He has to do all the housework...and if he makes a mistake they punish him and rip him off. Chelsea orders him to LICK HER ASS and her boyfriend can`t believe it how pathetic this loser is....he grabs his head and presses his face into Chelsea`s ass ! Chelsea loves to punish him......her boyfriend can`t believe it and this loser gets the hardest day of his pathetic life !

Category: Facesitting, Foot Worship, Ass Worship, Shoe Worship, Humilation

Duration: 58 min
File Size: 664 MB
Price: 19€


Monique is since a few months a part of the Sadistic Girls..and she loves it to dominate and to punish men. Now we offered her as well 500 Bucks if she is able to Knock Out one of our slaves. Why we choosed Monique for this contest ? Because she is known as a very agressive the past she had a lot Anger Managements! Because she has a lot of agressions and problems with some people. But now she has the chance to win 500 Bucks with her agressions ! And it starts....Monique laughs when she meets the slave....This guy has to take the beating ? Hard and evil she starts to slap and hit his face ! She laughs and has to lot of fun to slap and slap his face fullpower ! But not enough......with ruthless kicks she hits his balls to make him give up. Unbelievable how mean she slaps and kicks him nonstop....She wants the money..She wants to knock him out. A sexy, evil and agressive girl beats him off just to win this contest.. ...HARD FACE SLAPPING and BALLBUSTING !

Category: Domination, Face Slapping, Ballbusting, Humilation

Duration: 58 min
File Size: 780 MB
Price: 19€


Worldwide this woman is that what everybody would call a Real Facesitting Goddess ! Carmen`s enormous ass is made for amazing and beautiful girl with long black hair...who loves to sit on a man`s let him feel every pound of her sexy body and to facesit her slave. At this evening she punishes her slave mostly under her panty ass...what a view when Carmen stands above the face and than her huge ass impacts down on the weak face under her. She dominates him nonstop...and doesn`t stop to sit fullweight on his face in many different positions. Carmen loves to feel that..Deep in der wonderful ass crack...there where men`s face belong ! Fantastic facesitting action by a beautiful and heavy Facesitting Goddess !

Category: Facesitting

Duration: 44 min
File Size: 375 MB
Price: 19€


What would you give to be Britney`s slave ? To serve this beauty, to be allwowed to call yourself her be at the mercy to her feet. Should Britney answer the question for you ? Her opinion: Everything...because you are just a pathetic loser and it is sooo funny to laugh at you such a loser like you ! Britney teaches you a humiliating lesson you will never forget. In her eyes you are just worthless under her soles you will have to lick her dirty shoes and will lick her delicious feet while she laughs nonstop at you. Also you will have to look in her eyes when she spits in your face and uses your mouth as ashtray. She is a arrogant and beautiful and you are nothing, usless...just a loser...who will be at her feet when she prepares for the night and orders you to put your nose in her shoes...With joy she spits in your stupid face and as special she will order and orders you to slap yourself by hard face-slapping-instructions....When your face is red and swelled than look how I laugh at you...pathetic loser !

Category: Foot Worship, Domination, Human Ashtray, Shoe Worship, Humilation

Duration: 45 min
File Size: 503 MB
Price: 19€


Michelle is a party queen, ....blond, hot and sexy...loves life, enjoys to punish men and of course to party ! At this evening she comes along for a session that the slaves will never forget. Michelle looks hot like always and wants to flat some faces before her boyfried picks her up. So the early evening starts with an amazing facesitting punishment. Michelle facesits her slave first with really hard jeans...her fullweight and the hard jeans are flatten his face...while she smokes cool her cigratte ! It seems she absolut doesen`t care about his neverendless pain and suffering. And than she let him suffer many different positions, in many different clothes, skirts and pants...always FULLWEIGHT and CARELESS ! Fantastic how this blond beauty smokes and enjoys her cigarettes while the slave under her suffers and suffers terrible under her FULLWEIGHT SITTING ASS !

Category: Facesitting

Duration: 30 min
File Size: 300 MB
Price: 19€


The idea is simple...We send our slave out on the street to ask girls if they want to take part a at Face Slapping Session and that girl who knocks him out wins 500 Bucks ! With our slave & camera we went out for casting girls on the street and than we found in the park a girl who wants to try it. Our slave explains her exactely the rules....that she can beat him up, dominate him and that she can do what she wants with him and only if he really gives up she we will win the money. Her name is Clarissa, we never met her before and so went with her to our appartment. She askes a lot of questions, she wants to see the money before...and she askes him again: I`m really allowed to slap you so hard I want ? Than it starts...and something happens what we never expected ....Clarissa`s slaps are so powerful and hard..and our slave who is really tough has to survive a hard beating. She wants to win...she wants the money and she wants it quickly so her slaps hit his face from all sites so fast and powerful that our slave has really to survive this hard beating and face slapping. Clarissa is suprised that a man can really take such a mean slapping...and she gets angry because she thought she will win the 500 Bucks very quickly...but the slave fights, it seems she will knock him out every second but he still fights and doesn`t give up. She gets nervous and smokes..she askes for an ashtray and the slave explains her that he is the only ashtray in this appartment. Clarissa laughs and uses his mouth as ashtray...but than she does something really mean... because she wants to win the money absolutely. Hard pain for him but he still doesn`t give up. Than she starts again with powerful and hard face slapping....hundreds of fullpower slaps hit his face. His face is red and totally swelled...she laughs at him: Your face is totally swelled...will you give up now ? But the slave still doesn`t give up. It is unbelievable how greedy this girl is. The slave askes her for something to drink because his mouth is full of ash...we told her during the session that a slave is only allowed to drink spit. And what she does ? Clarissa laughs and spits angry in his mouth. It is we planed this Reality Series “500 Bucks for a Knockout“ we never expected such a hard Face Slapping and Beating. Clarissa is very tall...also she has very long arms..perhaps is that the reason why her slapping is so powerful and hard She finds a cane in the appartment and askes us if she can use it to beat him up...and what follows ? An evil caning, so hard that his ass turns red and blue. And still he doesn`t give up. Clarissa gets now really angry...she also never expected that somebody can take such a hard beating...and so she starts again with her srongest weapon: Her powerful slaps ! Will he survive this hard face slapping ? Will she knock him out and win the 500 Bucks ?

Category: Face Slapping

Duration: 48 min
File Size: 544 MB
Price: 19€


For all Ass Lovers the perfect Compilation of the Best Ass Worship Clips ! Seven different girls who order their slaves to kiss, worship and to lick their asses and bumholes. Watch how KIRA, DANI, DIANA, CINDY, JANESSA, ORABELLA and MONIQUE are using slave`s tongue for licking and cleaning their asses ! This fanastic Ass Worship Compliation consist of clips from the movies: .KIRA - LIFE UNDER FEMALE`s ASS ! LOSER UNDER OUR ASSES ! BIG NINA – CRUSHING THE PERVERT ! 24/7 – LIFE AS ORABELLA`s SLAVE! PAY OR SUFFER UNDER MY BIG ASS ! MONIQUE – WORSHIP & TASTE MY ASS ! UNDER DANI`S DIRTY & SWEATY ASS !

Category: Facesitting

Duration: 50 min
File Size: 441 MB
Price: 19€


Jessy and Sabrina are cruel and mad ! Two best friends who love to punish their slave under their soles and heels. Together they start to trample his whole body..and enjoy it to stand and trample together on his face! Jessy and Sabrina laugh and have a lot of fun...especially when they hear him shouting under their feet. But the two girls absolut don`t care...they trample just harder and harder..Jessy jumps up and down on his chest while Sabrina stands with both feet on his face..and than both again together on his face ! From the hard trampling their feet get very they order him to lick and clean their feet...hard to lick four stinky feet. The girl are going mad...with sneakers they trample their slave now. Again hard and merciless they trample and stomp his body and face. They don`t his sufferings gets harder and harder. Now they trample him with boots with spike heels....they laugh and enjoy it when they see and hear how much he suffers and shouts of pain ! Jessy lifts up her leg and looks at her boots need a necessary he has to lick and clean their boots until they shine again. Than they choose another pair of boots.. They walk and stomp on his body...Double Weight Trampling nonstop. Up and down they walk over his body and face... and trample him together fullpower !

Category: , Foot Worship, Shoe Worship

Duration: 45 min
File Size: 490 MB
Price: 19€


He lives in a little one room appartment, he has no money and is a real loser. Last month he couldn`t pay the rent for his appartment and hopes that his lessor...a known evil woman who lives also in the the house wouldn`t notice it. But on that day the door bell rings and Martina the lessor of his appartment stands at his door. She askes him immediately why he didn`t pay the last rent ? He tries to explain her that he has absolut no money at the moment and that he can`t pay the rent. Martina can`t believe it...What did you say ? You won`t pay your rent ? She gets mad..screams at him and slaps hard his face ! Full of aggressions she beats him up and askes him again if he will pay his rent now !? He begs for mercy but Martina is a mean woman..she wants her money and continues to slap hard his face from all sites. She beats the hell out of him and the loser begs on his knees to stop this beating. He explains that he can borrow some money from a friend and that he will be back soo as possible if she let him go. After a while he returns home where Martina is waiting of him. He gives her 50 Bucks...Martina gets mad again...50 bucks ? That is all ? Are you nuts ? Again he explains that this is all he has..but Martina doesn`t care...fullpower she starts again to slap his face nonstop ! He gets beaten and beaten without any mercy. He begs and begs for mercy and for one day more to bring the money. Martina tells him that she will be back tomorrow at 12 and if the money is not there she will beat him up. On the next day he phones in panic with many people to ask for money and suddenly Martina stand s in front of him....she askes just one final question: It is 12 o`clock do you have my money now ? Shocked he drops the phone...and before he can`t say anything the first hard slaps hit his face ! He still hasn`t the money and Martina beats him up. Full of anger she hits his face again and again fullpower ! He begs and cries..but now it`s enough and she wants her money ! Under this hard slaps he tells her that he has a new job and that his boss will bring him every minute his paycheck. But Martina doesn`t stop ! Martina`s hard beating continues...hunderds of hardslaps hit his face again and again ! Will his boss arrive on time with the paycheck ?

Category: Domination, Face Slapping, Humilation

Duration: 58 min
File Size: 1100 MB
Price: 19€


Janessa wants to go shopping and tells her boyfriend to give her his creditcard. He explains that he can`t give her his creditcard because he has to pay the rent for their appartment and that there is no money left. Janessa gets mad and angry . "Are you actually talking back to me ?!" pushes him down on the bed and sits fullweight down on his face ! He struggles and fights for air under her huge ass. "Give me your Creditcard!" she shouts and let him feel the full weigh of her big ass. Merciless she sits on his face and he tries to escape but Janessa is too heavy...he absolut no chance to flee. He still doesn`t want to give up and to give her his creditcard. Janessa takes off her dress and now he gets her huge panty ass on his face ! His little face gets punished under Janessa`s gigantic ass...his complete face & head disapear in this huge ass crack ! Merciless she puts all her weight on his face, he shouts and begs for mercy "No..., please get up...please !" He has absolut no chance under her heavy weight. Unbelievable how merciless she sits on his face just to get his creditcard for shopping. Than she takes off her panties..she drops her naked ass right on his face ! Now his whole face disapears deep in her ass crack and gets crushed. He can`t anymore..he fights for air and begs her to stop..than he finally gives up. He gives her the creditcard and Janessa lefts him bound on the bed. She leaves with the creditcard to the next cash machine...but there is no money on his account. Janessa can`t believe it...she was taken in by him. Angry and mad she returns home...”You gave me a creditcard that doesn`t work ?” and jumps with her heavy ass again right on his face. She takes off her clothes and smothers him merciless and fullweight ! Unbelievable how hard she takes his breath and sits on his face. Janessa grabs his head and presses it in her ass...she orders him to lick her huge ass. She dominates and punishes him under her big ass. Amazing and hard BBW Facesitting under Janessa`s heavy ass !

Category: Facesitting

Duration: 61 min
File Size: 562 MB
Price: 19€


Jennifer, Sandra and Susan are best friends since many years. We get in contact with Sandra and she askes her best friends if they would also like to join the team of the Sadistic Girls to have fun by punishing a male slave. They were all fascinated by the idea and so Sandra invites us to her place to have a femdom party with her best friends. He has to lay down on the couch and immediately Sandra sits down on his face and the other two girls on his chest. All three heavy asses are sitting on him. It seems his face would explode when Sandra and Susan sit together on his face ! The girls have really fun..they are talking, drinking and laughing about the suffering slave under their asses ! Than he has to kneel down in front of the them. The girls are wearing pumps and heels..from the last party night their soles are very the girls enjoy to order him to lick their dirty shoes. For Jennifer, Sandra and Susan he is just worth enough to taste their soles and heels..they have lot of fun to use him as shoe-cleaner and press their heels deep in his mouth ! Than they want to hear him scream under their feet. He has to lay down and the girls start to trample him nonstop. They trample him until they hear his suffering. While he suffers under their feet the girls are laughing and have so much fun to trample him. They are absolut crazy and don`t care about his pain! He has to lay under the table and to lick their shoes ! They talk and laugh while he licks and licks their shoes. First Jeniffer presses her soles on his face..than Susan and finally Sandra. Sometimes they look down to him to watch him licking their dirty soles. Unbelievable pressure and pain when three girls sit down on him ! Sometimes two girls at once sit on his face. Sandra has the great idea to change all that they can feed him with more dirt from their soles and heels ! The girls laugh and order him to lay down on his that they can press comfortable their dirty shoes on his face. He has to lick and clean all shoes...the girls have a lot of fun. They are laughing and talking...they discuss which shoes he has to lick next and enjoy it to dominate him. Three girls from the Real-Life are punishing their slave by facesitting, trampling and with many dirty shoes !

Category: , Facesitting, Domination, Shoe Worship

Duration: 66 min
File Size: 1000 MB
Price: 19€


Natalie is relaxing on the couch and reads a magazin. Suddenly the door bell rings and the slave is at the door as ordered. Immediately he kneels down and kisses her feet to welcome her. She tells him that she has something for him...she gives him a stack of bills and orders him to pay them for her immediately. The slave is shocked..he tries to explain that he can`t pay all her bills because he is totally broke and that he will pay her bills next month. Natalie gets mad and doesn`t want to hear any excuses...but he still tries to explain why he has absolut no money. That`s enough...Natalie stands up and starts to slap hard his face ! Again and again her hands impact loud in his face...she beats him up until his face turns totally red. She askes him again....will you pay now my bills you pathetic loser ? After hundreds of slaps he still tries to find other excuses. Natalie chains him at a chair and continues this brutal beating. She smokes and uses him as human ashtray and continues to slap brutal his face ! Than she gets a call from a friend who invites her to a coffee in the city..she leaves her bound slave to meet her friend. After two hours she comes back...and askes him again if he will now pay her bills !? And again stupid excuses...Natalie gets angry and mad...brutal she continues to slap his face and to beat him up ! She also tortures him with a burning cigarette and ashes with an evil smile in his mouth. Natalie tells him that he is only here to work for her und to pay all her bills and that she will beat him up until he does that what he is good for. While she slaps and slaps her boyfriend calls her...he is finish with work and Natalie can`t wait to visit him for a hot night. She slaps and beats her victim before she leaves the bound slave on the chair...before she leaves she tells him that she is gonna have now a hot night with her boyfriend and that he will be here alone bound on a chair and when comes back and he still won`t to pay her bills...she will smash his face ! In the middle of the night she returns...she laughs at him and askes him how boring the night was for him ? His face is still red and swelled and she askes again one final question: Will you pay my bills now ? Again excuses and Natalie continues to beat him up and to slap his face fullpower !

Category: Domination, Face Slapping, Human Ashtray, Humilation

Duration: 67 min
File Size: 598 MB
Price: 19€


Jenny reminded us of the last Counting-Game and that she had a lot of fun and that she is really in mood for a next round of this evil game ! And so we invited her for the next breath taking session. Jenny bounds her slave on the bench and sits with the clock in her hand fullweight down on his face. Let`s see how much you can take ! She smothers him nonstop under her wonderful ass, always counting loud the the time how long she can sit on his face until he passes out. Jenny loves this mean game and tries a lot of differnet facesitting positions to find out which one is the most evil and hardest position for him. Her slave struggles and fights..but he is bound so that Jenny can concentrate to press her full weight on his face and count the time! And for Jenny a lot of fun to punish him on this hard way under her ass, to let him struggle and fight...and to count the time how long he can survive under her fullweight sitting ass !

Category: Facesitting

Duration: 44 min
File Size: 432 MB
Price: 19€


Desiree is a brandnew Sadistic Girl...and she is a gorgeous girl ! 19 years old, tall and beautiful and has a naturally arrogance. The guys are crazy for her...but she chooses only the best..guys who have money and who tender her the luxus that she deserves. We get in contact with her because she saw a picture from our site on facebook and left a comment “This must be fun ”. And what happend ? We send her an email if she would like to have also such a loser at her feet and to do with him whatever she wants. We offered her all types of slaves..and what she wants to try....trampling, facesitting or domination ? And her answer was: Of course, she wants to try domination and especially to dominate one of our slaves, she wants a real loser. And so we arrange the first session with her and one of our slaves. It was fantastic...this girl is naturally Bitchy Princess...from the first moment on she treats the slave like a stupid loser. She laughs at him what a pathetic loser he is and orders him to crawl on all four to the couch...there she lifts up her boots on the table and orders him to lick all the dirt from her boots ! While he licks and eats all the disgusting dirt from her soles she dominates him nonstop. Than he has to take off her boots and to inhale deeply her socks and to lick her delicious feet ! The soles and every single toe. Hard to be the footlicker of a 19 years old Princess. Shje smokes a cigarette and ashes in his mouth. While she let him swallow all the disgusting ash she exhaust him psychologically...she askes him how it is to eat all the dirt ? Tells him that he is no real man, that he is in her eyes just an idiot and pathetic loser. Unbelievable how much this beauty enjoys to dominate ! Desiree sits down on a chair above his face and than he gets the full load of domination ! She presses her shoes on his face..orders him to lick and clean them..ashes and spits nonstop in his mouth and face. Just amazing how nasty and evil this young girl is. He has to take off her lick her feet while she spits nonstop in his mouth and face. She laughs at him..calls him a stupid loser and askes him evil if he is still hungry ? Ok..I have another pair of shoes..but..if you want to eat the dirt from this soles you have to pay for your meal ! And laughs. Unbelievable she orders him to pay for the dirt from her shoes and for the sweat of her feet...the loser gives her all the money he has...Desiree can`t believe it how stupid he is...she takes the money and orders him to lick and clean her dirty heels ! And if he wants to have a “dessert” to pay again for the sweat of her delicious feet as “dessert” !

Category: Foot Worship, Domination, Spitting, Human Ashtray, Shoe Worship

Duration: 59 min
File Size: 785 MB
Price: 19€


POV MOVIE IN ENGLISH ! She is amazing... tall, beautiful, evil, arrogant and sexy...Young Goddess Julia ! Imagine what a feeling it would be to be the slave at her feet. In this POV Movie you can have this will crawl to her feet, you will slap your face at her will worship her feet as her will lick and eat the dirt from her will have the view of her slave and you will feel the REAL DOMINATION when she laughs at you, whe she calls you a pathetic loser and spits on you ! You will be dominated by one of the most sexiest and evil girls of the world...after this movie you will know what you are and how it feels to be Julia`s pathetic slave ! This movie consists of: 1. UNDER THE TABLE AND LICK MY BAREFEET! 2. PATHETIC LOSER I SPIT IN YOUR FACE! 3. I FEED YOU WITH MUD AND DIRT! 4. SLAP YOUR FACE AT MY COMMAND! 5. BEAUTIFUL,..DELICIOUS NYLONS...SMELL IT! 6. LICK AND CLEAN MY DIRTY SOLES! 7. DOWN LIKE A AND LICK MY BOOTS! 8. PRESS YOUR NOSE IN MY SHOE AND SMELL!

Category: Foot Worship, Domination, Spitting, Shoe Worship, Humilation

Duration: 50 min
File Size: 980 MB
Price: 19€


Desiree is a young and beautiful girl who has a lot of admirers. A lot of guys are crazy for this sexy girl...and would do everything to become her boyfriend. But since a few weeks a guy bothers her..he calls her in the middle of the night and stalks her. Desiree wants to find out who this guy is... who calls her every night...who stalks her..than she gets a tip from a friend. The suspect is the guy from the gym across the street. Desiree doesn`t want to call the police because she has no clear proofs of his stalking and so she decides to visit him and to find out if he is the stalker. It`s late in the evening and he is alone in the gym...perfect to hunt him down. Desiree tells him that she is not here to become a member of the gym..she is here because she found out that he his her stalker ! He denies all allegations and tells her to leave the gym..and in this moment he gets the first slap ! She starts to slap and to beat him up..he is shocked and helpless and begs her to stop it...but Desiree is sure that he is the stalker and wants that he declares it. Nonstop hard slaps hit his face. You are the stalker ! Admit it ! And again he denies it. Desiree gets mad and slaps harder and harder his face. You bastard are calling me every night ! And hits again and again his face from all sites. He begs her for mercy and tells her again that he is not the stalker. But Desiree doesn`t believe him and continues to beat him up ! She leaves the gym without a confession. On the next evening she visits the gym again..and he is again alone...Desiree enters the gym and attacks immediately the guy...Fullpower slaps hit his face and she askes him again: Will you declare it now !? He begs her to leave, he begs her to not beat him again and assures her that he is not the stalker. Now Desiree gets really mad and slaps his face nonstop ! She beats him up and wants to hear his confession. After a hard beating he still doesn`t declare it and Desiree threats him..if he calls her one more time than she will be back and beat him up! On the next day Desiree got again nonstop calls in the middle of the night...she returns to the gym..sees him at the bar and beats him down ! You bastard called me again last night ! Fullpower she slaps and hits his face...he begs .but Desiree doesn`t stop to beat him up ! Is he really the stalker or is Desiree beating up the wrong man ? Is she beating the face of an innocent man ?

Category: Domination, Face Slapping, Humilation

Duration: 42 min
File Size: 710 MB
Price: 19€


Martina has since a few days a new roommate, a little shy guy who is new in town. On this evening she comes home from jogging and cops him how he sniffs her shoes..Martina is upset..What are you doing with my shoes you pervert !? He is ashamed and tries to explain it but Martina gets angry and wants to call her boyfriend immediately to tell him everything....her roommate begs her on his knees to not call him because he is afraid of her boyfriend because he is a known rowdy. Martina blackmails him..and this is the beginning of his slavery. She loves the idea to punish order him to be her personal slave. Martina`s feet are very sweaty from the jogging so she orders him to smell first her socks and than to lick her smelly feet. First he refuses to do that but she blackmails him to call her boyfriend..and so he smells and licks her dirty feet. She tells him that he is not an equal roommate anymore..he is from now on just a pathetic houseslave. He fights to lick and clean her sweaty feet and Martina loves it to dominate him. Than she wants to prepare herself for the party tonight...after he had done all the housework he has to kneel down in front of her and to serve her as ashtray while she is chatting with her boyfriend on the phone to plan the evening with him. He has to swallow and eat all the disgusting ash while she is flirting and smiling evil in his face. Martina leaves for party and returns hours later home..she calls her new houseslave and tells him about the party and the hot night with her boyfriend..and that she has something to do for him..her shoes are dirty from the long clubbing and she orders him to lick them clean and to eat the dirt for supper ! But not enough...she loves it to dominate this loser..he has to take off her shoes and to lick also her dirty feet...smelly and dirty from the long dancing. He fights because it so so disgusting..but that is what Martina loves to see. What tastes better...the dirt from my soles or my sweaty feet !? Before she goes to bed she brushes her teeth and spits all in his mouth...she had sex with her boyfriend, she drank a lot alcohol and his mouth is now her spittoon for all the gooey spit ! She askes him how does it taste ? Laughs at him and call him a pathetic loser who has to swallow everything. The next day he has to do again all the housework while Martina is shopping the whole day..and after that he gets her wet and smelly nylons right on his face..take a deep breath and smell ! Also he has to lick and worship them. In the evening Martina orders the pathetic loser to take care of her shoes...she shows him how dirty they are and tells him that she doesn`t want to go out with her boyfriend with such nasty dirty shoes ! What are you waiting for ? My boyfriend is coming every moment...lick them clean! On his knees he has to lick and eat all the dirt from her shoes while she is makes up herself. Angry she shoes him how dirty they still are and orders him again to hurry up with licking. Martina let him lick and eat all the dirt just to look good for her boyfriend ! And she still doesn`t stop it..she tips out the astray and orders him to lick all the disgusting dirt from her feet ! Her feet are so nasty dirty and it is unbelievable how much dirt he has to lick and swallow from her feet. Martins loves it ! She dominates him just for joy and this is from now on his live with an evil and sadistic girl in one apartment as her do all the housework, to lick dirty shoes and feet, to swallow and eat spit, ash and dirt just for joy of his Mistress !

Category: Foot Worship, Domination, Human Ashtray, Shoe Worship, Humilation

Duration: 63 min
File Size: 710 MB
Price: 19€


Corina in her next sadistic movie ! This time she wants to try out some really hard Trampling. Therefore she wants a tough slave who can really take very hard Trampling. Corina wants to have fun and to see his fear in his eyes when she stands with mortal heels in front of him. It`s only fun when he really suffers ! And so she starts this hard trampling session. First she tramples and stomps her slave barefoot...tramples hard his face and loves to jump fullweight on his body ! It`s so much fun for her to hear him suffering under her jumping feet so that Corina decides to do same now with jump, stomp and trample hard his whole body and face. Than it`s time for another type of hard suffering...High Heels Trampling ! Corina brought various heels and boots to the session and for him means that extrem suffering under the heels of a sadistic and evil girl. Hard and merciless she let him suffer under many different Heels !

Category: , Foot Worship, Shoe Worship

Duration: 38 min
File Size: 333 MB
Price: 19€


Alissa is on her way home and notices a guy who walks alone through the forrest. She stops her car and askes him friendly if she can help. He explains that his car is out of gas and that he is looking for a gas station. Alissa offers him to bring him to the next gas station, thankful he jumps in her car and the guy immediately starts to flirt with her. Alissa notices how horny this guy is and invites him on a drink at her place. Comfortable they sit together in her living room and the guy talks big about his great job and his money, he tries to impress her but Alissa has something other in her mind. She offers him an another drink, this time a drink mixed with knockout drops. Shortly he gets tired and passes out. Enchained and handcuffed he wakes up on a chair and sees her how she raids his wallet. Shocked he askes her what she is doing but Alissa just laughs at him and explains that she wants only his money...she just wants to rip him off ! In his wallet she finds his creditcard and orders him to give her immediately the PIN of his creditcard. He disobeys and tells her that he will never give her the PIN of his creditcard and that he will call the police immediately when he is out here. Alissa gets mad and agressive..immediately brutal slaps impact in his face! She tells him that he will go now through a hell of pain and suffering until he has the PIN and all his money. Merciless and brutal she continues to slap brutal his face...again and again her hands impact fullpower in his face ! She beats him up and his face gets totally red. But he still doesn`t want to give her the PIN and Alissa gets more and more agressive. Fullpower with her fore- and backhand she hits his suffering face, uses his mouth as ashtray and stubs out her cigarette on his tongue. He begs for mercy and to stop this beating but Alissa just laughs and wants still his money. She takes a cane and beats his body fullpower. Brutal caning and her victim starts again to scream and to beg for mercy. But still he doesn`t give up and Alissa shows now how brutal and cruel she is. With both hands and fullpower she hits and beats again his face with aggressive and brutal slaps ! His hands are fixed and he is not able to protect his face. Helpless he has to survive this brutal beating. Loud and cruel her slaps impact in his face...he screams in pain but that is just another reason for Alissa to slap harder and harder his face..brutal and fullpower until she has all his money !

Category: Domination, Face Slapping, Human Ashtray, Humilation, Caning

Duration: 54 min
File Size: 589 MB
Price: 19€


Sunny is in these days very busy, she is moving into new appartment and has a lot to do. To have a really nice appartment she hired a professional painter. On this friday the painter appears punctually and Sunny shows him all the walls and explains him exactely what is to be done. While the painter starts to work she lefts her apparment for shopping. After a few hours she returns home and she is totally shocked..What is that ? Why are the walls grey ? The painter tries to explain her that he thought that she wants this color. Sunny is horrified, she calls him a stupid idiot and takes her phone to call his boss. Suddenly he begs her to not call his boss because he gets fired and he needs this job. Sunny smiles evil and blackmails him. She tells him that he has to follow all her orders, to be her slave or she will call his boss immediately. He has no choice and agrees to be her slave if she won`t call his boss. Sunny laughs and orders him to kneel down and to lick her black boots, which a really dirty from the long shopping in the city. While he licks all the dirt from her soles and heels she orders him also to open his mouth and to swallow the ash of her cigarette ! He gets a collar around his neck and Sunny tells him that he is from now on just a worthless dog and slave. Her slave has to lay down under the table and Sunny uses his face as footstool. Breathless he tries to breath under her nyloned feet. In the kitchen he has to kneel in front of her while she chats on the phone with her boyfriend, she talks about the hot last night with him and that she is so horny..while he has again to serve with a wide open mouth as ashtray and has to eat all the disgusting ash. She makes an appointment with her boyfriend for tonight and leaves her slave fixed and alone in the dark kitchen. On the next day she wants to go out in the park with her new slave to give him a special raining, he begs her to stop but Sunny has so much fun to punish her slave..also now outdoor in the public. She walks with him through the forrest and park..on all four he has to crawl behind her with a collar and leash like dog. Sunny enjoys this so much and doesn`t stop it ! From the walk through the forrest her boots are really dirty and muddy..perfect for such worthless slave she thinks and orders him to lick her dirty boots clean ! He has to lick, eat and to swallow all the mud from her boots until they shine again. Than she sits down on a park bench and uses him as ashtray in the public ! But not enough..on the way to her car she notices that her boots are again dirty and muddy. Again she orders him to lick and eat the dirt and mud from her boots ! He has to eat and to swallow again all the disgusting dirt. Back home he has to take off her black boots and to worship her sweaty feet. Than she askes him if he is still hungry after all the dirt he had to eat `? With a evil smile she presents him a fancy cake and crushes it under her boots. She presses her boot in his mouth and orders him to eat the cake from her soles and heels ! Sunny enjoys to dominate this loser nonstop. She loves to feed him and he has to eat all the disgusting ash, dirt and mud !

Category: Domination, Human Ashtray, Shoe Worship, Humilation

Duration: 65 min
File Size: 1124 MB
Price: 19€


Jane has are very special lifestyle. She loves luxus, parties, expensive clothes, fast cars and all pleasureable things in life. But such a hot and beautiful woman doesn`t waste her time with hard work or other displeasing things. Therefore she has her own slave who has to serve her 24 hours a day. He has to work for her to finance her expensive lifstyle, to do all the housework, to donate her luxury presents and to obey whenever she wants and for whatever she wants. In her eyes he is just a stupid monkey who is only alive to take care of her needs. On this day the stupid monkey does everything wrong and he doesn`t obey like he should and for that he gets punished nonstop. Jane ordered him to buy her some new expensive red heels but instead he brings her some cheap black heels and Jane gets totally mad, she askes him if he wants to affront her and starts immediately to slap hard his face! What a brazenness. Angry and evil she beats him up by hard face slapping until he begs for mercy. With a red and branded face she sends him back in the city to buy the right pair of heels. In the afternoon Jane chats with a friend on the phone and uses meanwhile his mouth as ashtray, she talks with her friend about the best boutiques and shops while he has to eat and swallow her disgusting ash. She makes an appointment with her friend for a shopping tour and orders her slave to give her some money for shopping. Is that all ? 50 bucks ? Are you nuts ? He tries to explain that he hasn`t more money this week but Jane doesn`t believe him and starts again to hit and to slap hard his face ! Her slaps impact loud and hard in his face until she gets more money for shopping. When she leaves the house for shopping she ties him up like a dog in the corridor. Hours later she returns home from shopping and catches him how he sniffs one of her panties...Jane gets mad and explodes! What are you doing with my panties you sick loser !? Immediately hard slaps hit his face. Angry and fullpower she teaches him a painful face slapping lesson ! In the evening its time to party and she chats with a friend to make an appointment with some hot guys at the beach while the useless monkey has to serve with his wide open mouth as ashtray. She orders him to give her the key of his car, but instead to give her the key he tries to explain that he can`t give her his car because it is a brandnew car and tries to find some other lame excuses. Jane gets again mad...What did you say `? And immediately hard slaps impact in his face ! Nonstop she beats him up, dominates him and while his face gets totally red she tells him that he will spend the whole night in the cold and dark basement while she is going to meet some real men, with his car and his money ! And continues this hard face slapping punishment !

Category: Domination, Face Slapping, Human Ashtray, Humilation

Duration: 74 min
File Size: 785 MB
Price: 19€


The dirty ass domination continues ! Monique is a lazy and greedy Princess. Hard working and earning money are jobs for her slave who has to pay all her bills. Monique relaxes while reading a catalog as her slave sniffs her ass and smothers himself deep between her cheeks! "Kiss my ass like you love it!" She's taking it easy while he's hard at work trying to earn enough money to pay all the bills she causes. He pauses to catch his breath but she immediately takes notice! "Did I say you could..Sniff my ass, Sniff it!" Monique finds a lot of great things in the catalog Did you get your paycheck today? He tries to explain that he has to pay the rent but she doesn`t care Give me your creditcard..Shut up and dig your face in my ass ! Monique absolut doesn`t care about working, every day she sleeps very long. Like at this next morning. She gets up in the afternoon and orders her slave to prepare her breakfast. While she eats he stares at her and askes if he can have something to eat because she didn`t give him food since two days now. "You want something to eat ?..Well I give you something to eat!" pulls up her bathrobe and presses his face in her ass."Sniff and Eat my Ass!". Until yet Monique didn`t take a shower after a long night and she orders him to sniff and worship her bum. "You like that ? Is this a good breakfast ?" Unbelievable how much she enjoys it to dominate him. After he had his Ass-Breakfast she sits fullweight on his face and uses him as seat while she enjoys now her breakfast. Monique spends mostly her time at night on parties and during the day with her friends while her slave is working or waiting of her. Like on this weekend. Monique is playing volleyball with friends in the garden. Coming home her slave is on his place where she left him the whole afternoon "I had a lot of fun with my friends playing was your day ?" and laughs. But not enough "Bouncing around all day....My ass is so sweaty and you will taste it now !" With her wet ass Monique sits fullweigt on his face and rubbers her dirty ass hard on his face. "Thats fours hours of volleyball sweat right in your face!" laughs and smothers him. On rainy days she invites some friends or loves to play some nice games. One of her favourite games is "Guess my weight!".Because her slave is stupid Monique explains him again the rules. "Im going to sit on your face and you are gonna guess how much I weight !� laughs and slams her ass hard on the slave's face ! She tells him she won`t get up until he guess her exactely weight." Wrong! Im gonna put now all my weight now on you...There can you feel that now !?" His face gets crushed Her fullweight sitting ass, but Monique doesn`t care and loves to play this cruel game..get`s up just to slam again on his face "Do you like my ass in your face ? Guess right or I will facesit you nonstop!" Another hobby of Monique is going shopping and spending all the hard earned money of her slave. When Monique is leaving the house she usually locks her slave into the closet like on this afternoon, but before she leaves she orders him to give her his creditcard. While he is kneeling in the dark closet for hours she spends his money at the mall. Hours later Monique comes home and opens the closet "You creditcard maxed out and I only got some shirts, what is wrong with you ? Can`t you pay off your creditcard ? "Angry she pulls him like a dog in the living room." You will pay for this now ! My ass is sweaty and smelly from shopping...stuff your face in my ass and sniff it! That are three hours at the does it taste ?" Monique doesn`t stop. She gets up and drops her stinky ass on the slave`s face. She sits on his face fullweight and doesn`t care if gets enough air. "Your creditcard wasn`t paid off !" Incredible ass domination and facesitting action under Brat Princess Monique`s ass !

Category: Facesitting, Ass Worship, Humilation

Duration: 46 min
File Size: 509 MB
Price: 19€


Britney comes home from work. As she enters the living room she sees a unknown man with a mask, a burglar in her apartment. Purposefully she decides to defend her property and she creeps up from behind and strikes him down with a powerful and hard kick in his nuts ! She lands a direct kick that drops the guy like a rock. With a loud moan he breakes down on the floor, Britney jumps on him and ties up his arms.“What are you doing in my appartment you bastard!“. Full of pain he can`t talk even answer. Britney takes her mobil phone to call the police, than he starts to beg to not call the police because he has a crimal record and will go for long time in jail. Britney smiles evil “Ok, I won`t call the police..but you will have do everything I want and I will punish you for your you understand !?“. He agrees immediately..Britney laughs “When I`m finish with will beg for the police to help you!“. Britney puts a collar around his neck and instructs him to lick her boots that will destory his worthless balls. She puts him on his knees and demands he keep his legs open for her. Then Britney holds nothing back as she nails the guy with her black boots right in his nuts ! Again and again hard kicks, unbelievable how mean and powerful. Britney fires off a series of direct kicks. When the slut falls to the ground she laughs and askes“do you have enough now ? Shall I call the police ?“ Breathless he can`t talk anymore and makes signs to please not call the police. Just for joy and to punish this criminal bastard Britney paints a target on his face to find out how good she can spit in his face. She enjoys it to see his face full of spit. She tramples and facesits him..but than she wants to continue with the hard ball busting punishment. She removes her shoes. She is just getting started . With black pumps she stands in front of him and orders him to get back on his knees.Britney nails and kicks his nuts again. And again. And again. She is having an absolute blast ! He shouts of pain..and Britney just laughs“What is ? Shall I call police ? No `?“ and strikes him again down with a fullpower kick. When the guy cannot take any more, she pulls him up on his knees to continue. Britney removes again her shoes and wants to continue with boots. But there are no breaks for this loser. Britney delivers kick after ruthless kick with their high heel boots. His balls are being busted like he never imagined. She laughs “Cryhow loud you want..nobody hears you...Shall I call the police now for you !?“ And again she fires off a round of fullpower kicks ! Britney is in her glory, kicking his balls blow by blow !

Category: Foot Worship, Domination, Spitting, Ballbusting, Humilation

Duration: 62 min
File Size: 703 MB
Price: 19€
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