We booked a luxury appartement in downtown and offered countrywide this appartement for free inklusive a slave for free. A Femdom-Weekend inklusive a long shopping tour across the city that will be paid by the slave. The girls that use that appartement for the weekend won`t have any costs. Vacations for free ! Only one condition: When the girls are using the slave it will be filmed. One of our favourite emails was from CHANEL and LARISSA. Two hot girls from Hamburg. They wrote that they had a own slave before and that would love to enjoy such a luxury weekend. We picked the girls up from the airport and the slave shows them the huge loft appartement. CHANEL and JESSICA love what they see and immediately they order champange. Than it`s time to pay....SHOPPING in one of the greates towns in Europe and the girls can use and punish the slave so brutal they want. The girls can wish an amount they want to have for their shopping tour and that every single day, they have only to SQUEEZE out the money of the slave. CHANEL`s and JESSICA are mean, arrogant and sadistic. The girls love to humiliate their personal slave. He has to lick and clean their boots, also their feet and to serve with his mouth as human ashtray. It`s just humialiting how the sexy girls humiliate and punish their slave. They laugh at him and he has to lick and swallow everythin they order, mostly their disgusting ash. BEATING and FACE SLAPPING is allowed to get the money they want to have. And this is also the most interesting part for this two sadistic girls. TO BEAT someone FULLPOWER ! The slave is tough, but he is obviously afraid. He knows that he needs now a very good day to survive a beating by such impressing girls. Chanel and Larissa want now to enjoy the evening with brutal beating and face slapping. "Expect no mercy"..............the last words that he hears. And than its starts... ........The two Luxus-Girls BEAT and SLAP HIM UP FULLPOWER !....and that the whole EVENING !