Melissa is a again a new Sadistic Girls and she has extreme fantasies....before the slave shows up she explains that she wants to have him absolut helpless. So that he really has to take it all...doesn`t matter what she doing to him. She foils his compplete upper part of his body. So strong that his not able to move his arms anymore...he is ABSOLUT HELPLESS. Immediately she presses her nyloned feet on his face, he has to smell the pure flavour of her feet...than she takes a clock...."Let`s see how long you can survive.....and starts the clock" Melissa starts to smother and to choke him fullpower with her feet. She presses her feet in his mouth and nose, he is completely tied up..., no chance to protect his face and to get air....Brutal fight for air under Melissa`s FEET ! Melissa uses has him as human sofa while she is watching TV, bound and helpless he has to serve with his face as footrest. What a humilation to be the human TV-Seat for such a beautiufl girl, to be helpless under her and to smell her nylons. Melissa is 6 ft. (182 cm) TALL and so she is also very HEAVY....can you imagine how painful such a woman`s weight on thin heels is ? The slave has to take it chance to chance to chance to protect himself....he has to take it all and to suffer under the HEELS of this HEAVY and TALL GODDESS !