Maxima and Lydia...The two sexy girls know exactely what`s about....They heard from friends that we are making such sessions where you can win money if you punish, beat and slap and a man so hard until he gives up. "Show us that guy...!" The girls want to see the guy that stands for the money...the guy that has to be beaten to make the girls rich. Lydia is very clever....she shows up with MAXIMA....the tallest and most powerful friend she has...she ist about 6.1 ft. (185 cm) tall and has long and strong arms. Lydia can`t wait to start...with her POWERFUL friend MAXIMA they have the best chances to win the money. It starts immediately...full stroke slaps in his face...The two hearthless girls punish & slap him FULLPOWER! They also humiliate him nonstop, he has to lick and clean theier diry boots and to sniff der nylons while they play cards. After the cardgame they continue to punish the loser. And this time harder and more brutal than before. They take canes and now they make him SCREAM....brutal and curel CANING...the girls drink wine and love to let him suffer. But still not enough, again they humiliate him...and than they decide to SLAP and BEAT him again ! He suffered so much and still the girls don`t stop......AGAIN they start to hit his face...FULLPOWER SLAPS destroy again his face !