Speachles and suprised We can`t describe it better. That are the moments when you realiz that the dominat passion of a beauitful woman becomes reality. Every woman is great, but there are also sometimes Diamonds that you find. You hit the bull's eye when you find a girl that is....Beautfiful, Sadistic and Loves to live out her SADISTIC NATURE. Such a Diamond is Vivian one of the most impressing girls that we ever met. She is 100% real and we never had such an Sadistic Explosion in one of our session. Vivian is a natural born Sadist. Beautiful, Cruel and amazing aura and JOY of SADISIM that is very rare. When Vivian enters the room the slave is impressed. Her eyes, her look down to`s amazing. On the first look impossible to recognize how brutal this beautiful girl can be. First he has to beg her to make her proud of him...that he will take everything that she does to him....But he doesn`t expected what happes now....Her caning is so cruel and brutal that he is burning of pain !His screams are so loud and pathetic...That`s what Viviane his highest pain she laughs and spits in his face. Fullstrokes hit his flesh...he shouts and scream of pain....but now is enough, he can`t anymore...but now Viviane wants him to hear him begging her to stop ! Viviane laught evil "It`s time for some real pain"....He hangs helpless and naked in front of this beautiful sadist. This is nothing for weak nerves. Viviane`s whipping ist most brutal we have ever seen. Before she starts she explains him that flesh is weak and that she loves to hear somebody crying of pain. It begins a cruel and unbelievebale whipping punishment ! Vivian spits in his face and askes him a last time if he ready for pain. And than you are witness of a brutal face slapping lesson. FULLPOWER and MERCILESS she SLAPS his face ! He is suffering and shouting of pain when her hand explodes in his face. She slaps him so often and so brutal that he can`t anymore... he begs her to spare his face....he begs and begs her....But guess what Viviane answers on his begging to spare his face ? The Sadistic Girls present VIVIAN R E A L & B R U T A L. Caning, Whipping, Beating and Face Slapping on the NEXT LEVEL !