ANNA and SANDY.....The slave is faczniated by the beauty of the two sisters....long black hair, perfect bodies and long legs. It`s destiny for every slave to live at at the feet of dominant & beauitful woman...but imagine you are facing two sisters that have the same sadistic passion ? The sisters love to CRUSH and to PUNISH their slave under their feet. Immediately they place his face under their feet and start together to SMOTHER and CHOCKE him with their FEET ! Amazing to watch how much fun the girls have to let him FIGHT FOR AIR under their feet. One presses her foot deep into his mouth and the other presses both feet BRUTAL on his FACE ! Also they enjoy to CRUSH and TRAMPLE him. Barefoot and with HEAVY BOOTS they trample TOGETHER over his whole body and FACE ! The EVIL SISTER laugh and have a lot of fun...he suffers and fights for air and they enjoy to watch and feel his SUFFERING. He has also to worship and lick theier delicious feet and the girls start again to SMOTHER, CHOKE and CRUSH him BENEATH their FEET !