Diana and Cindy are relaxing in the sun. Flirting with some hot guys at the pool and still laughing about the loser at home. They talk about the last lesson they gave him. Diana laughs“That was fun..we really crushed his face“. When the two girls come back home he is sitting there and reading a book “Stand Up-Talk back“. Cindy can`t believe what he is reading.“Why are you reading such a book you idiot !?“ He tries to explain that he don`t want to take this anymore, that he don`t want to be punished anymore by them.The two girls don`t wait a second they jump on him. The girls jump fullpower with their asses on his face ! Laughing and sitting together on his face “How ist down there ? And now try to speak back !“But not enough, now the two girls really get mad. Under their double weight his face gets crushed and the girls just love it to punish thim ! He has to survive brutal facesitting, together and fullweight they sit on his face and start also to bounce and to drop their asses on his flat face. Diana and Cindy enjoy to punish to humiliate this pathetic loser. He has to apologize for his naughtiness...but just a worthless “Sorry“ is not enough. He has to kneel down in front of Diana`s ass, Cindy presses his face hard in her ass “Say I m sorry in her ass !“ The girls love and let him kiss their asses. Cindy orders him “Sniff.....Kiss her ass !“ What a humiliation to apologize and to worship the asses of these sexy & arrogant girls ! In the evening the girls want to go on a party where they gonna meet the hot guys from the pool again. The girls prepare for the party and order him to drive them there and to wait at home until they call him to pick them up after the party. Hours later the two girls come angry home “Why you didn`t pick us up like we ordered you !?“ He tries to explain that he was out of gas and couldn`t drive anymore. Diana and Cindy can`t believe it.“We had to take a taxi..because you haven`t been there...and now you will pay for this!“ Together they attack him and Cindy jumps on his face. Now he has to survive again a brutal facesitting nightmare. Both girls take off their dresses and facesit him just with her panties. They love it to sit together at the same time on his face, to crush his face fullweight ! Jumping and bouncing together on his face and to humiliate him nonstop ! He shouts for mercy.“Shut up...no breathing anymore..!“ Unbelievable how cruel and carless these two sexy girls punish and crush his face !