We met Alice the first time at a beauty contest, at those contest are the most beuatiful firls from the area, so our team is always there to check out and to aske which girl wants to become a Sadistic Girl. One of the most beautiful girls at this evening was Alice...first time when you look at the she rembers you on somebody famous. She looks Barbie...blond, sexy and this beautiful face. be dominanted by Barbie...she looks like her, she could play in every movie the role of Barbie. We have here really the most beautiful girls in the world. So we did it...we asked her if she wants to take part at our session, to dominate and humiliate men. Alice (Barbie) first just laughed...but than she likes the idea that a man is kneeling in front of her and begs her to become her slave. After a few minutes she agreed and so we met her on this hot afternoon. Also in short sommer clothes she looks just amazing. This long blond hair..this beautiful perfect face...and than it starts...Alice puts her shoes on the table...“I know exactely what`s going on...down on your knees and lick my shoes clean..“ Wow....what a suprise....Alice orders him to enjoy the dirty from her soles and tells him where his place is...“Your place is under my feet...“ And it starts...a wonderful session under Barbies`s feet...She humiliates him, ordrs him to lick her feet...she presse her foot DEEP in his mouth and lovees to take his breath...he has to serve with his face as her footstool and he has to smell and inhae her nylons.....she tramples him and enjoys to stand FULLWEIGHT on his face..what a humiliation...the fullweight of her body right on his face...A dream comes true...Barbie humiliates and punishes a man under her feet !