Princess Zarah...19 years old....A beautiufl young girl that discovers a passion...the passion to humiliate and to beat. She is one of those sexy young girls that you meet in the summer on the street...most men are crazy for such beautfiful girls like Zarah. Why she calls herself a princess ? Because she knows how beautiful she is...she knows that men would to everything to be close to her...and that she can choose however she wants. A natural beauty....but she is bored...all those people are boring for her...she loves the different...she discovers something new..something that she has deep in herself...the humiliate and to punish. She is that what we call a REAL SADISTIC GIRL...young, beautifiul, evil and brutal....PRINCESS ZARAH. At this afternoon she shows up in her tight hotpants..she looks so hot, a hot and sexy beauty...the slave welcomes her on his knees and the first thing that Zarah does ? She puts her dirty soles right in front of his face and orders him to lick them clean. Princess Zarah laughs at him and humilates him nonstop. She loves to look in his eyes when she spits right in his face...when she puts her feet in front of his face and orders him to lick her toes. He has to smell her socks and sneakers... Her favourite punishment is Face Slapping...she looks so harmless, but as the first BRUTAL SLAPS his is face the slave is totally shocked. PRINCESS Zarah is amazing....she slaps and beats him fullpower..humiliates him nonstop. FULLPOWER SLAPS hit his face...she laughs and has fun when he shouts of pain...fullpower her slaps hit his face. His face gets swollen...and she just laughs at him... You can see and feel how much fun this young sexy girl has to humiliate and to beat. This is the amazing, young and beautiful girl that punishes and beats a man with the full joy of her passion. THIS IS REAL THIS IS PRINCESS ZARAH !