NONSTOP......FULLPOWER.....UNBELIEVEABLE. Just three words that perfectly describe this brutal punishment...something that you have never seen before....A beautiful girl that HITS, WHIPS, SLAPS and DESTROYS a slave so cruel that it shocks everyone. Yes, that`s just crazy and brutal....Claudia is one of the most craziest and cruelst girls that we ever met....she is the female devil in a body of a beautiful girl.Who expected that the Devil is a beautiful German Girl ? Nobody. But so brutal and stone cold can only be the Devil himself....The slave is just an object for her own lust. The lust to punish, the lust to let him suffer...the lust to hear SCREAMS of PAIN...CLAUDIA enjoys it only if she hears screams...this is music for her ears, his suffering and begging for mercy makes her happy. BRUTAL FACE SLAPPING, CANING and WHIPPING....Her caning is so BRUTAL that she needs three canes during this brutal punishment.....NEVER before a caning was so powerful that three canes break ! With a single-tail whip she makes him also SCREAM..he jumps and shouts of pain...that it what Claudia loves. And her Face Slapping is amazing....This is REAL FACE SLAPPING...this is the FEMALE DEVIL.... that loves to SLAP , HIT, WHIP, BEAT and to DESTROY !You won`t find something like this anywhere else. Get ready to be SHOCKED.