The best two words to describe Tanja are: Powerful and Strange. Powerful because her BRUTAL SLAPS impact so loud and hard in his face ..what an enormous power in such a beautiful body. Strange because she absolut doesn`t care about him..she BEATS him up and enjoy his pain and suffering. Strange how she looks and smiles down on him...strange to watch how it turns her on to let him suffer. Tanjy is a heavy smoker, so he has to eat and swallos a lot of digsuting ash...but that is not the only dirt...he has also to lick and swallow the dirt from her soles. During he has to eat all the dirt, she spits in his mouth and laughs at him. Another slave wants also to serve her...he tought he can enjoy her feet...but Tanja is strange...she presses one foot deep in mouh and chokes him. But the other slave is to weak for her...Tanja wants to enjoy some brutal punishment. She plays an evil game with him “The Card of Pain“, Tanja explains him the rules: He has to draw a card...and the number of the card is the number of BRUTAL SLAPS he gets....Kings, Queens and Jacks are 10 SLAPS...an Ace...are 11 HAMMER SLAPS ! And than the next card....a brutal and CRUEL GAME....the ACE is her favourite Card...tanja destroys his face in this BRUTAL FACE SLAPPING GAME ! That is not the only face slapping action ...the most of the time she is slapping and beating him. This beautiful girl is weird and strang !