Xenia hates her stepfather, he always tries to control her and to give her insturctions. But on this day she finds out that he is cheating her Mum, she read his emails as he forgot to turn off his laptop. He is totally shocked and begs her to say nothing to her mother, but now Xenia is in Charge...she blackmails him..she will tell her mother everythig if he doen`t serve her. It`s so hard and brutal, blackmailed and humiliated by his own stepdaughter. Xenia is absolut merciless...she loves to command and to humiliate her stepfather. She spits right in his face, ashes in his mouth...orders him to lick and clean her dirty shoes and feet..and especially she loves to SLAP BRUTAL his FACE. For every mistkake, or just for fun she beats him up. Merciless and FULLPOWER !